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For the past several weeks, we've been posting illustrations on our blog based on random topics. Everyone gets involved from our office managers to programmers to animators. We've done a cowboy theme and even a swashbuckler theme, but when our lead programmer suggested the Apocalyptic Robot theme, the guys took it to the next level. Instead of just doing illustrations, they decided to spend a weekend developing PARG. We realize it's not nearly as advanced as some of the great games on newgrounds.com, but we thought it would be a great place to share and get some feedback. So far the feedback has been really helpful. We wish we could have had more time to develop the game further, but eventually our clients would notice that we're ignoring them to animate robots.

Hopefully we'll have more time to do more games in the future. Stay tuned! And if you would like to keep up with our illustration posts, come to our BLOG on Fridays.